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New book tells how child superhero saves and teaches villain a lesson
Landon, The Superhero of the Worlds’ is one fun and interactive book penned by 10-years old author for his peers

Landon, an ordinary kid, sees fire coming from a house nearby. When Landon tries to save a trapped old man, he was consumed by the “rainbow” fire and he found himself gifted with superpowers and a mission to stop super-villains like Pistacio. Along the way, Landon meets a girl named Jaime. And while his friendship with Jamie strengthens, his best friend Brandon becomes a traitor, betraying him to aid Pistacio.

Touching on themes of bullying and forgiveness, Landon’s story of heroism does not end upon the defeat of the bad guys. It continues by teaching the villain the value of compassion and submission to parents. With short and easy-to-understand words and sentences, children will delight in a story authored especially for them. Accompanied by illustrations by the young author himself, readers get the opportunity to color the illustrations of Titus’ story.

A work from the heart and mind, “Landon, the Superhero of the Worlds” is unique in its portrayal of how true belief in one’s self, obedience to parents and overpowering evil with good can change a villain’s heart.

The book is available online or visit your local Barnes and Noble bookstore and ask for “Landon the Superhero of the Worlds!”

ISBN 13 (Paperback Cover): 9781493129867
ISBN 13 (Hardback Cover): 9781493147632
ISBN 13 (eBook):






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