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12–Year–old Titus Andrew M. Bonifacio releases new book
Sequel to Landon’s adventures follows protagonist on new mission to save human race


SAN DIEGO – Celebrating not only the character metamorphosis of a young new-age hero but also the prodigal genius of a 12-year-old content creator, Titus Andrew M. Bonifacio’s fictional comeback offers both a fascinating and inspiring blend of art and meaning in one book. “Landon, the Superhero of the Worlds: A Race to Save the Human Race” (published by Xlibris), the sequel to Bonifacio’s previous title follows the protagonist’s new adventures with more colorful illustrations, curious characters and one unforgettable story.


Landon is back with a new mission with his sidekicks: Cyberdog, Pistacio and Jaime. After the battle in New York City, Brandon betrayed Landon. He created drones and upgraded them as destroyer robots, turning them into super destroyers that could fly, shoot missiles and with the ability to become invisible. As Landon continued his journey at Cat World to help the Pusans, he had a face-to-face encounter with their legendary Master and one of their most beautiful living creations, Meowmi. Will Landon have something surprising and unbelievable up his sleeve to save the worlds again? Will Brandon finally turn good and stop the domination of the worlds?


Wildly engrossing, “Landon, the Superhero of the Worlds: A Race to Save the Human Race” spins the epic chase between good and evil and delights readers with the panoramic creativity of a young author and illustrator. His characteristic writing style suffused with vivid imagery is complemented with detailed drawings that bring Landon’s world alive – a page-turning odyssey from beginning to end.


A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the book will be donated to underprivileged kids in the Philippines to support their reading and literacy.


Landon, the Superhero of the Worlds: A Race to Save the Human Race
By Titus Andrew M. Bonifacio
Softcover | 6x9in | 244 pages | ISBN 9781514405642
E-Book | 244 pages | ISBN 9781514405659
Available globally at, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and






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